Woods of Distinction

There is something very primal about wood. Maybe it is the natural organic material that creates such a stir, or perhaps it is through artisan level wood finishing that one is reminded of humanity’s dominion over the elements. This ethos is what has kept art alive through the ages. Art is in our daily lives and in the world around us, but only a certain few know how to appreciate it. Even fewer know how to create it without losing its inherent integrity.Steven Lehner Associates Inc. is the leading custom wood finishing company in the Los Angeles, CA area. Steven and Brett know that like different varieties of wine, every species of wood ages differently. Only a highly trained and experienced craftsman can fully understand wood on this detailed level, but that does not mean it cannot be appreciated and enjoyed by the common man or woman. Custom wood finishing handled by the best artisan craftsman will leave anyone who encounters it at a loss for words.Man and nature come together in no better way than through the artistry of custom wood finishing. Custom wood finishing can involve many techniques and procedures. One method for finishing wood is to recreate aging and distress, which has recently become very popular and adds a sense of realism and history to an otherwise normal material. Steven can utilize wood finishing for cabinetry, balustrades, bookcases, doors, trim, and more. Your options are almost endless.

If you are in Los Angeles, CA, then you owe it to your senses to look up Steven Lehner Associates Inc. Choose the company with the greatest creative vision now.