Interior Finishes

In the past, wealth was more concentrated than it is even now. The wealthy did not have a myriad of technologies to play with, nor were they connected to the global community like we all are today. Most of wealthy life was focused on the home and the politics of the local community. Being seen in public wearing the latest fashions and hosting parties was how people communicated who they were to society.

Of course, the home was far and away the most important means of communicating wealth to the world. As such, great care was taken to ensure that only the finest furniture, paintings, and wall finishes were employed. Now, with Steven Lehner Associates Inc., you too can enjoy the splendor and warmth that our ancestors insisted upon. Steven and Brett draw inspiration for these textured finishes from Venetian palazzi, Tuscan villas, and Provencal chateaux.

Their artisan finishes are ideal for interior and exterior surfaces. Steven and Brett truly capture the textural methods of the past while utilizing modern technology. They are licensed finishing contractors registered in Los Angeles, CA, and they are artists at heart. Their vision and ability will liven up any interior space with a glowing and soulful ambiance. Your home’s curb appeal will be second to none, and you will be the envy of all your friends. You will be amazed at how many conversations you have about the unique look of your space.

From interior finishing to exterior finishing, there is no surface that Steven and Brett cannot lift to a higher vibrancy. Give them a call in Los Angeles, CA so you can begin making your home into a work of art with custom finishes.